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BLVK Temple Tattoo

Both BLVK Temple Tattoo Cairns and Black Temple Tattoo Townsville are the premier Tattoo Studio’s located in North QLD, offering first class artists in a warm and welcoming environment.

Teamed with some of the most talented tattoo artists in the country, they master a variety of styles so there’s plenty of versatility to choose from.

Our studio’s offer a one of a kind experience and you will leave the studio with a true masterpiece marked on your skin forever.

Appointment or walk-ins welcome!

18 years of age or over required for tattoos. We require a deposit for all appointments, this is credited to the cost of your tattoo and holds your appointment time. All deposits are non-refundable though may be used as credit for future appointments. Refunded deposits are made only under shops discretion.


Here at Black Temple Tattoo Cairns and Townsville, we have flexible payment options to make getting a tattoo more accessible to all.

We’re proud to offer payment options such as AfterPay, ZIP MoneyZIP Pay and Ink Money. By clicking the chosen payment plan company logo below you will find the step by step guide to signing up and tattoo now pay later on your next tattoo at Black Temple TattooStop waiting for your dream tattoo, make it happen by learning more about our payment options HERE.

Meet the TEAM

Leonni - Black Temple Tattoo


SPECIALITY:Soft black and grey, Neo Traditional, Colour, Black Work, Floral and Line work.

Leonni started her career in Scotland over 7 years ago before moving back to Australia. She comes from a family of tattoo artists and is diverse in all styles. She thrives off original, interesting ideas where she can create art that is timeless, something that suits you and is unique.

Tattoo Studio Cairns Townsville

Samuel Astorgac

EXPERIENCE: 9 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Black & grey realism, Dot work, Neo traditional

Samuel chose his path and he has been persevering since then. He did his apprenticeship on his own, learning from home & through trial and error. He worked hard to improve and perfect in all tattoo techniques: lining, shading and packing colour. He evolved into a versatile professional artist who is able to do any kind of style nowadays. He didn’t take any tattoo for granted, It is his way of life and that’s why he keeps going through this path, with more hunger than ever.

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Jake Hall

EXPERIENCE: 10 years
LOCATION:Cairns & Townsville
SPECIALITY: Japanese, Black and grey, Line work

Jake has always been inspired by asian style tattoos and black and grey tattoos, he started tattooing in Thailand in 2013 and has evolved his own style of Bold black and grey with clean lines. He regularly attends conventions in Taiwan to learn from the best, tattoo and get tattooed.

Sammi - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville


SPECIALITY: Trad, Black and grey,Colour, Floral, Script and Line work

Sam is our OG apprentice in our Townsville studio joining us shortly after opening in 2021 and excelling through her apprenticeship to be the fastest qualified apprentice we’ve ever had. Upon completing this she has focused her speciality in colour, Neo Trad, script, black & grey, floral and all things bold lines. Sammi is capable of all small to large scale pieces. She is a well rounded artist for all styles who enjoys collaborating with her clients, always ensuring they leave with exactly what they want!

Corey - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville


EXPERIENCE: 20+ Years Tattooing
LOCATION:Cairns & Townsville
SPECIALITY: Polynesian, Black and Grey, Colour and Tribal

Freddy is a Samoan man from New Zealand specialising in Polynesian, but a jack of all trades. Freddy is well known for his ability to bring any idea to life and master any style. As one of our more experienced artist Freddy is a fast tattooist being able to finish a whole sleeve in day without sacrificing quality!

Freddy - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville

Mia Jane

EXPERIENCE: 5 Years Tattooing
LOCATION: Townsville
SPECIALITY: Realism, Fine Line and Water Colour

Mia began tattooing in 2018 knowing from a young age that she had a passion and fascination for the industry. Mia is continuously pushing to improve her style and learn more about the craft. She works in many styles but has a passion for black and grey realism as well as fine line and watercolour pieces.


EXPERIENCE: 10+ Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Black and Grey, Realism, Portraits and Illustrative

Mark has been a professional artist working in animation, computer games, concept art and other areas before moving into the world of tattooing. He has tattooed in Canberra, Byron bay, Gold Coast and now Cairns. Specialising in portraits and black and grey realism, he has the ability to tattoo in any style and works closely with clients to produce the tattoo they are looking for. 


EXPERIENCE: 3 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Floral, Illustrative and Fine Line

Taylah started her journey to become a tattoo artist during Covid lockdowns in Melbourne. 

Taylah has been tattooing since 2021, she has a special love for fine line and illustrative tattoos. Taylah loves to connect with her clients to create a beautiful meaningful tattoo for you.

Sam Jagg - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville

Sam Jagg

EXPERIENCE: 4 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Black & Grey Realism, Portraits & Animals

Sam jagg has been inspired by the airbrush industry painting big portraits of Rockstars and film stars eventually moving his skills to the tattoo industry tattooing in queensland learning from other talented artists he focuses on realism and black and Grey and is consistently expanding his skills.

Corey - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville

Corey Who

EXPERIENCE: 14+ Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Neo Trad, Colour Realism, Black & Grey, Realism

Corey is originally born and Bred in cairns he then went over to Canada to learn how to tattoo, after 7 years coming back to Australia. Corey is an enthusiastic and open tattooist, he is keen to hear your ideas and bring them to life. Over the years of tattooing he has picked up many skills and has diverse knowledge in all tattoo styles. 

Jamie - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville


EXPERIENCE: 10+ Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Black & Grey, Portraits, Traditional, Geo, Neo Trad

Jamie is originally from Portland Victoria and is now settled down in Cairns as a family man. Jamie is a very diverse artist, he loves anything black and grey. He loves original designs and is always keen to listen to your ideas and creative a unique and stunning tattoo

Nik Hylo - Black Temple Tattoo Cairns & Townsville

Nik Hylo

EXPERIENCE: 13 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Geometric, Black & Grey Realism

Nik started his career in the tattooing industry over 13 years ago. Not only is Nik an artist he also has a passion for photography and all kinds of art. Nik is well known for his geometric style and clean line work. Recently has found a new niche in Black & grey Realism. Nik loves to connect with all of his clients and create a piece that they’ll love and be proud of.


EXPERIENCE: 10+ Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Neo Traditional & Traditional

Nate has been tattooing for 13 years, specialising in Neo Traditional and Traditional tattoos. 

He has tattooed all around Australia competing in tattoo conventions and has also guess spotted in well known shops but has now grounded himself in Cairns. 

All though Nate specialises in Neo trad/traditional, he can also tattoo in many other styles and is happy to bring your ideas to life. 


EXPERIENCE: 7 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Colour,Neo-Trad, Large Scale Pieces, Bold Lines and Japanes,

Aaron started tattooing 6 years ago in the Whitsundays, has worked alongside some of the industries top tier artists from around Australia and internationally recognised guest artists, starting  his apprenticeship in various different tattoo studios where “walk in “style tattooing helped refine and adapt to the fast paced growing industry it is today.

Aaron has a passion and specialises in large scale freehand illustrations influenced and inspired by Japanese tattooing and culture. also had the privilege of being mentored by one of Australia’s best freehand artists, he continues to follow in these footsteps and refine this tattooing style with a modern day approach.


EXPERIENCE: 3 Years (Senior Apprentice)

Nikki has always had a love of drawing and is hyped to have turned her love of art into a career.
She has a passion for cute anime style designs and brightly coloured neo traditional.
She is excited to explore these areas but always happy to work with clients to give them the peice they’ve always wanted.


EXPERIENCE: 2 Years (Senior Apprentice)
4 Years Cosmetic Tattooist

Cedar has come from a cosmetic tattoo background being double certified in brow tattooing, specialising in microblading, combination brows and ombré brows, She has since moved into the world of tattooing and has fallen in love with portrait drawings, hyper realism and dark lettering / black work.  Cedar has Recently relocated from the Gold Coast to Cairns to be trained, since making the move she has excelled in more art mediums and now continues to grow in the tattoo industry.


EXPERIENCE: 1 Year (Apprentice)

Beau has had a keen interest for art, tattoos and the tattoo industry throughout his life. Whilst having a fond interest in Traditional, he is hoping to have exposure to variety of different styles. Allowing him to develop his skills and knowledge, to become a well rounded artist, capable of providing future clients the best possible outcomes for their tattoos.

Mat The Rippa

EXPERIENCE: 1 Year (Apprentice Tattooist)

Having a passion for all things visual arts I’ve landed this tattoo apprenticeship here in Cairns. Im super keen on all things bold and  colourful especially traditional, neo traditional and new school but I won’t be limiting myself too. 
Im super exited about this next journey of my life and can’t wait to see where it takes me. So come down to the shop say g’day.


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