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BLVK Temple Tattoo


Both BLVK Temple Tattoo Cairns and Black Temple Tattoo Townsville are the premier Tattoo Studio’s located in North QLD, offering first class artists in a warm and welcoming environment.

Teamed with some of the most talented tattoo artists in the country, they master a variety of styles so there’s plenty of versatility to choose from.

Our studio’s offer a one of a kind experience and you will leave the studio with a true masterpiece marked on your skin forever.

Appointment or walk-ins welcome!

18 years of age or over required for tattoos. We require a deposit for all appointments, this is credited to the cost of your tattoo and holds your appointment time. All deposits are non-refundable though may be used as credit for future appointments. Refunded deposits are made only under shops discretion.

Apparel & Supreme Creme

We have a selection of high quality apparel for your everyday needs. We offer a capsule collection that includes caps, t-shirts and active wear – combining comfort and style.

Our apparel is sold in limited numbers, so be sure to stop by the shop or send us an email to secure your size.

Supreme Crème Tattoo Solutions is a range of the highest quality Tattoo products developed by professionals in the Tattoo Industry alongside professionals in Skin Care and Organic Compounding. The range is designed for use by professional Tattoo artists and for Tattoo customers to look after and maintain the quality and life of their Tattoos.

Meet the TEAM

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Tommy BlackandGrey

EXPERIENCE: 16 years
SPECIALITY: Realism, Black & Grey

Starting in northern NSW his motivation for tattoo art was driven by the Maori Ta Moko and Kirituhi styles but as he moved through his learning he found a connection to black and grey realism. Moving to Newcastle and working with great artists that helped him grow and be inspired to be as good as he could be within his skill set leading Tommy to being able to travel to places such as Los Angeles and work along side some very renown black and grey artists, thus adding to his arsenal. Tommy is heavily involved in the tattoo convention scene in Australia and has plans for more here and abroad over the next 12 months ,

Tattoo Studio Cairns Townsville

Paulo “Pabz” Vega

EXPERIENCE: 2 Years Tattooing (Apprentice)
SPECIALITY: Lettering, Caligraphy, Colour Realism

Pabz Started his Apprenticeship In Prague, before travelling internationally to attend seminars throughout Russia, Europe and New Zealand before returning back to Australia, he has a keen interest in Calligraphy lettering and Colour realism, Pabz has only just started his tattooing career but has been involved in tattoo culture from a young age, hanging around tattoo shops after school and getting tattooed.
Tattoo Studio Cairns Townsville

Samuel Astorgac

EXPERIENCE: 9 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Black & grey realism, Dot work, Neo traditional

Samuel fell in love with tattoo before it became a “f****** trend”. He chose his path and he has been persevering since then. He did his apprenticeship on his own, learning from home & through trial and error. He worked hard to improve and perfect in all tattoo techniques: lining, shading and packing colour. He evolved into a versatile professional artist who is able to do any kind of style nowadays. He didn’t take any tattoo for granted, It is his way of life and that’s why he keeps going through this path, with more hunger than ever.

Nine years of experience support the skilled artist who is today. Meritoriously, he masters different styles as Black and grey, realism, linework-dotwork, neotraditional. After his 9 years in the tattoo world, he still considers himself as a learner, and overall he respects and loves tattooing as much as his own life.

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Jake Hall

SPECIALITY: Japanese, Black and grey, Line work

Jake has always been inspired by asian style tattoos and black and grey tattoos, he started tattooing in Thailand in 2013 and has evolved his own style of Bold black and grey with clean lines. He regularly attends conventions in Taiwan to learn from the best, tattoo and get tattooed.
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Grace Downie

ORIGIN: New Zealand
EXPERIENCE: 3 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Fine line work, floral, Black & Grey Realism

Coming from a family of artists Grace has it in her blood and started from a young age. Grace enjoys doing custom pieces, where she collaborates with her clientele to create the ideal piece of art for their body, striving for perfection in this competitive industry.  She puts equal amounts of thought and creativity into each piece of art; as though she were designing this tattoo for herself.

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Paige Wickers

EXPERIENCE: 5 years tattooing
SPECIALITY: Delicate line work, Mandalas, dot work and anything pretty

Beginning her career in Wales, her artwork has taken her all over the United Kingdom and New Zealand eventually landing in Australia and settling in Cairns. A very talented artist at heart and very well suited to delicate intricate line work. The go to for any geometric or mandala style tattoos.
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Tia Batts

EXPERIENCE: 2 Years Tattooing (Apprentice)
SPECIALITY: Fine line work & script

A very talented artist at heart, Tia started her apprenticeship with us at Black Temple Tattoo 1 year ago. She has a keen interest in Fine Line Work & Script. Tia has only just started her tattooing career but is a well rounded artist and very well suited for all small tattoo’s!
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Vanessa “Luna” Mross

ORIGIN: Germany
EXPERIENCE: 5 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Colour Floral & Botanical

Luna is our colour artist who specialises in floral and botanical work. She also has a passion for tattooing animals. Luna has been tattooing for 5 and 1/2 years, starting out in a small shop in Cairns and since then worked at a lot of different shops including travelling for guest spots within Australia and Europe.

Shaniea Walton

EXPERIENCE: 2 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Mandala, Black & Grey Realism, Fine Line & Dotwork

Shaniea specialises in geometrical, mandala and dot work. Originating in Cairns, she began her apprenticeship on the Gold Coast under the guidance and mentorship of some of the best studios in Queensland. Shaniea abstract approach and eye for shapes and patterns allows her to design tattoos unique from the rest. Shaniea is fast becoming a well-known name within the industry for her style of work and sharp execution of each design. 

Sam Jagg

EXPERIENCE: 2 Year Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Black & Grey Realism, Portraits & Animals

Sam jagg has been inspired by the airbrush industry painting big portraits of Rockstars and film stars eventually moving his skills to the tattoo industry tattooing in queensland learning from other talented artists he focuses on realism and black and Grey and is consistently expanding his skills.

Corey 'Cotteez' Sinclair

EXPERIENCE: 3 Years Tattooing
SPECIALITY: Colour Neo Traditional & Realism, Black & Grey

Cotteez has made a name for himself already in such limited time as an artist already surpassing the talent and skills of his mentors and some of the best tattooist in the country. He is a diverse artist, accomplished in all styles of custom tattooing specialising in photo realism and neo traditional tattooing, loving to tattoo anything clean & solid, bold with saturated colour.

His main artistic goals are to create tattoos that you want, to never stop evolving as an artist.


Vanish Tattoo Removal Clinics are exclusively focused on quality laser tattoo removal. Located within Blvk Temple Tattoo is a seperate specialised clinical room where Vanish Tattoo Removal operates from. We are committed to being the best at what we do, offering the most advanced equipment and techniques as well as qualified practitioners. We make the process of fading, partial or complete removal as safe and as effective as possible with minimal discomfort.

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