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Tattoo after care instructions

Congratulations on your new tattoo! In order to maintain the best quality tattoo please follow these instructions for after care.

You will need

  • Unscented antibacterial/antimicrobial liquid hand soap
  • Ointment such as Bepanthen first aid, or a tattoo specific after care product such as supreme crème. (do not anything with aloe in it, antiseptic/iodine ointment, Lubriderm, Chapstick, Vaseline, haemorrhoid cream)
  • Unscented mild skin lotion

Immediately after

Your artist may have dressed your tattoo for your return home. Leave the bandage on for about an hour; remove it when you get home. It is normal for your tattoo to be bleeding some, slightly swollen and tender. After washing your hands; remove the dressing and wash your tattoo with warm water and unscented antibacterial/antimicrobial soap and rinse it well (bar soap will breed bacteria if left in the open, do not use a washcloth or any other abrasive materials; use only the pads of your fingers). Gently pat it dry with a clean towel. With a clean hand, apply a thin layer of ointment-the tattoo should remain moist but not smothered (wipe away excess with a paper towel).

In the coming days

It is normal to remain tender and swollen for several days, Weeping is also normal for the first few days (this may stain clothing). Reapply ointment every three hours for the next few days or until the tattoo begins to flake or peel. Wash and medicate your tattoo in the same fashion as stated above 2-3 times daily (shower normally washing your tattoo last). After several days the tattoo may begin to flake and peel, avoid picking any flaking skin from the tattoo and let it shed naturally, picking/peeling the tattoo could result in scabbing and loss of ink. Once the peeling stage begins you can switch to using a mild lotion (avoid scented, perfumed lotions) in lieu of the ointment to keep the tattoo moist. Continue to wash the tattoo regularly. Avoid sunbathing or tanning as well as soaking in a tub, pool, jacuzzi, pond, river, etc. For three weeks.

A healed tattoo

People heal at different rates, in general in 1-2 weeks your tattoo will be fully healed. In some instances, you may feel raised areas of the tattoo that will typically settle over the next several weeks or months. Continue to care for your tattoo by avoiding excess sun exposure which can cause fading and irritation. *****Healing tattoos are open wounds and are at risk for infection. Monitor the tattoo continually during the healing process- if any signs of infection occur, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Symptoms of infection: excessive redness or swelling, severe itching, or pus at the tattoo site, as well as fever
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